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Terms & Conditions

Lil & Blue Vintage Car Hire Terms and Conditions

Below, we have laid out our terms & conditions for hire of any Lil & Blue car/s for your wedding, event or photo shoot. By placing a booking with us and making payment of your deposit, you are giving your agreement to these terms & conditions. We recommend that you read these carefully and make sure that you fully understand them. Please contact us on info@lilandblue if you have any questions or need further clarification on any areas covered. 

Your Vehicle Booking

Once we have received your deposit, Lil & Blue will send you confirmation of your booking along with your invoice which will lay out the remaining balance due as per the original price quoted. Lil & Blue will provide you with information regarding the price and availability of vehicles at the time of the original enquiry but reserves the right to vary the price and/or the availability, if the information changes from that of the original enquiry.

Provision of Vehicle

We will endeavour to provide you with the same vehicle as stated on your booking confirmation wherever possible. In the unlikely event that we need to change your vehicle we will notify you as soon as possible with an alternative. If you are not happy with the alternative vehicle suggested we will issue you with a full refund of any monies already paid, provided you let us know within 14 days of the notification.  


Vehicles may vary slightly in appearance and colour from the photos used on our website and marketing due to photography filters, usage of props and photography style. Your own computer or mobile device may also display slight variations to colour.  

Hire duration

Any extension to the agreed hire duration on the day of the wedding/event is at the discretion of our driver and may result in further charges. This will be invoiced after the wedding/event.  

Damage to the vehicle

You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle. We reserve the right to charge you for the cost of any losses or damage caused by you or any other passengers during the booking. This includes the cost of cleaning due to illness or food and drink spillages. You are responsible for the conduct of all passengers during the booking


Routes, Road Closures and Weather

Our drivers will choose the route based on local knowledge and/or satellite navigation. Our drivers will use their judgement to travel at a sensible speed in relation to the road and weather conditions. If you have a preferred route you would like us to take on the day then please inform us beforehand and the driver will follow this route as requested. 


No responsibility can be taken for route closures or for restrictions relating to vehicle access to any location, hold ups on route or adverse weather conditions. We cannot be held responsible for late arrival or cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control or for any subsequent consequential losses.


In the event of extreme weather conditions such as ice or snow, Lil & Blue will make the decision as to whether the car is able to fulfil the booking. If possible, an alternative car more suitable for driving in these conditions will be sent with your prior approval. If another car can fulfil the booking, then no refund will be given. If no car is supplied then a full refund will be issued. Lil & Blue recommend that you take out wedding insurance.


Personal belongings

There are no boots in our wedding cars. It is therefore recommended that you make alternative arrangements to transport any luggage. The driver or Lil & Blue cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings and no compensation will be given for lost, stolen or forgotten items. Lil & Blue cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to personal belongings (including the wedding dress) or luggage.



Lil & Blue operates a 'no smoking' policy for the comfort and health of all passengers and drivers of its vehicles.


Passenger conduct

Lil & Blue will not tolerate, violent or abusive behaviour, foul language or any other anti-social behaviour towards our drivers or any Lil & Blue staff. We reserve the right to refuse to convey any passenger who is drunk, or whose condition may put the driver, the vehicle, or other passengers at risk.



Lil & Blue cars are insured to carry out weddings, funerals and be hired as stationary props at photo shoots and events. The insurance is only valid if there are no more than 3 passengers, unless the passenger seat is removed, and this case no more than 2 passengers (these figures do not include the driver). The driver will rigidly adhere to this requirement, regardless of age. No responsibility will be taken for any persons who cannot be transported to or from the wedding.

Child passengers

We are not insured to take children under the age of 3 and will not allow children under the age of 3 to travel in our cars. All child passengers aged 3 and over must sit in the rear of the vehicle. You must inform us at the time of booking if any of the passengers will be under the age of 14 with the exact ages of these passengers. 

Seat belts 

Not all our cars are fitted with seat belts. They were not originally manufactured with them and we are not legally required to have them fitted due to the age of the vehicles. However, where seatbelts are fitted, all passengers must wear these whilst the vehicle is moving.  


Date changes

If you need to re-arrange your wedding/event date for any reason, we will try our best to accommodate this. If we cannot rearrange to the date you would like, your booking will have to be cancelled and your deposit forfeited. If you notify us of this change within one month of your booking full payment will still be due. 

If we are unable to provide the vehicle prior to your wedding/event:

In the unlikely event that the vehicle your have hired becomes unavailable prior to your wedding/event day for example, due to mechanical failure, theft or damage, then we will let you know as soon as possible in advance. If available, we will give you the option to choose another one of our vehicles. If we are unable to source a similar vehicle for you, we will issue you with a full refund and the booking will be terminated.

If we are unable to provide the vehicle on the wedding/event day: 

In the unlikely event that an issue arises with the vehicle or driver on the day of the booking (or within 24hrs of the start of the booking) or during the delivery of the service, the ability to provide another vehicle may be limited. We will contact you or the nominated main contact to bring any issue to your attention and to agree any contingency plan which may include providing an alternative vehicle where possible. If the hirer is not happy with the options presented before the booking starts then a full refund will be issued. 

If an issue with the vehicle arises part way through the delivery of the service (for example but not limited to, mechanical failure or driver illness) then a refund will be issued proportionate to the unfulfilled time remaining on the booking. For example on a 3 hour booking, if an issue with the vehicle arises after 1.5hrs and the remaining service cannot be fulfilled then a 50% refund will be issued. 

Cancellation terms

All cancellations must be made in writing to Deposits are refundable for up to 14 days after they are paid (cooling off period) provided the wedding/event is not within 30 days. Deposits for bookings that are cancelled after 14 days from the date the booking is confirmed are non-refundable. If a cancellation is made by you within 30 days prior to the agreed wedding/ceremony date, then the outstanding balance is still due in full. 

Lil & Blue reserve the right to terminate any booking by giving notice of termination in writing to the hirer prior to the booking. In this case a full refund of any monies paid will be issued. 


Any refunds issued, under any circumstances, will be limited to the money paid and Lil & Blue will not be held responsible or liable for any arising consequential losses.

Payment of balance

Balance payment should be made by BACS at least 30 days prior to the day of the wedding/event. 

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